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Lemonade for Heroic Creators

The HERO Initiative raises money to help support the people that made comics in the past during their “golden age”.  It provides, according to their website, a “safety net” for medical and other expenses, and helps find them work.

An artist (I use the term loosely) had been making the rounds at conventions selling tracings and copies of other artists’ work as his own.  When this was discovered a year or so ago, there was a huge ruckus and much justified anger directed at the artist.

Most of the victimized artists decided that the best way to make this person go away would be to expose him, and then never write about him, the better for his name to fade into obscurity.

A fan gave artist Ty Templeton a hockey jersey he’d purchased from the plagiarizer, with the purpose of taking out his ire on the object.  Instead, Templeton decided to use his powers for good – rather, to take the lemony situation with the plagiarism and make lemonade.  He passed around the jersey to some artist friends, who drew pictures on it, and then, for good measure, signed each other’s work , which addresses the original problem in a humorous and constructive way.

From Ty Templeton’s blog:

Scarlet Witch by Khoi Pham (signed by Chris Sprouse)
Hulk by Ethan van Sciver (signed by Khoi Pham)
Wonder Woman by Agnes Garbowska (signed by Leonard Kirk)
Evil Ernie by Dale Keown (signed by Richard Pace)
Spider-Man by Ty Templeton (signed by Agnes Garbowska
Sandman by Richard Pace (signed by Ty Templeton)
Gorilla-Man by Leonard Kirk (signed by Ethan van Sciver)
Tom Strong by Chris Sprouse (signed by Dale Keown)
…and a hearty “Sit the @#?!!@ down!” by Ethan van Sciver (this one properly attributed!)

Here’s a link to the auction itself – and there are others that benefit The Hero Initiative.

Way to take lemons and make lemonade.