Disney Generations

James Silvani and Amy Mebberson, creators of some of the best Disney comics out there, appeared at D23 in a booth on the show floor.  They saw their first conventioneer at 9:30, and by 11AM Mebberson tweeted that all requests for the day were sold out.  As of 7PM, when the show floor closed, Silvani was finishing the last one, Dumbo holding a camera.

They had also drawn Stitch as Maleficent, Postman Mickey, Mickey in front of a StarSpeeder frowning at a mouse droid, and many more.  I’ll leave those to the owners if they want to show pictures of them online.  Silvani and Mebberson worked on the Darkwing Duck comics, Muppet Sherlock Holmes, and many more fan favorites.

After the Marvel presentation, all of Amy’s Marvel characters sold out.  By noon, there was only one small picture of Storm as a princess left.  Shortly thereafter, they were all gone.

Joe Quesada said in the Marvel “Cup of Joe” presentation that he has no idea what’s going to happen with the Disney comics once the contract ends with BOOM! Studios in a few weeks.  I do know that the final decision of whether Marvel picks up the Disney comics is up to two gentlemen in Italy whom you’ll meet at a later date.

It’s a popular idea among fans – three of the eleven people who came up to the microphone to question Joe asked about Disney comics, specifically Darkwing Duck and Uncle Scrooge.  The Duckburg characters are wildly popular in Italy, but here, after Gladstone and Gold Key faded into time, the comics sort of floundered until picked up by BOOM! Studios.  Now, it looks like they might be going in for another swim.  That would be a tragedy.

I really hope this can be settled, and soon, because The Disney Afternoon is an important touchstone to generations X and Y.  Baby Boomers raced home after school every day to watch the original Mickey Mouse Club.  These kids rushed home every day to catch The Disney Afternoon.  It’s just as important, and just as large a part of the Disney legacy, to them.

(Part 2 Tomorrow)


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