D23: What Will You Sacrifice?

I’m accustomed to it because I’m a Comic-Con veteran.

You look at the schedule for the con, and pick and choose what you want to do.  Sometimes – oh, what am I saying?  USUALLY, it’s up against something else.  Do I see the cast of The Big Bang Theory or do I watch Floyd Norman and Sergio Aragones messing around?  (Floyd and Sergio won, and it was truly hilarious).  Wait in three hours for the possibility of maybe getting in for the Warner Brothers movie slate announcements or shop on the floor?

With D23, there’s a lot less going on, so not as many choices.  But aye, there’s the rub: it’s all Disney, so the likelihood that competing presentations will all be something you want to see is MUCH greater than at Comic-Con.

I wouldn’t dream of going to Comic-Con for the whole banana and not planning out ahead what I’m willing to wait for and what I need to see.  For example: The world premiere of the new Prep & Landing special, Naughty or Nice is up against Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson talking about the Neverland books, Larry Nikolai discussing the new Little Mermaid attractions, and a mini-concert with Constantine Maroulis and Rock Star Mickey.  Yes, all of these things overlap.  You have to look at the schedule ahead of time and wait, sometimes more than an hour, to get into your chosen presentation.  Last time, we waited two hours to get into the Muppets presentation just to be turned away at the door due to overcrowding.  By way of apology, they sent us an autographed picture and apology letter in the mail a few weeks later.

Here’s the schedule:


This is kind of boring, but it will behoove you to read it carefully: http://d23.disney.go.com/expo/know-before-you-go.html

Make sure you know where the presentation will take place and that you can find it on your map.

Oh, and bring money.  Lots of it.  Mickey’s of Glendale, the Imagineering shop, will be selling stuff there – that’s where I got my Trader Sam’s and Tangaroa Terrace pins.  And you know if I am actually moved to buy a (damned) pin, it’s got to be something fantastic.

See you there!




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