Miehana, Youhana, we all love Kevin and Jody!

It’s no secret that my favorite contemporary artists are Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.  I am a shameless fangirl.

But what lover of Disney and Tiki wouldn’t be?

I get annoyed when I go into Disneyana and I see works by artists/companies that have no link to nor affection for Disney; it’s just a line of collectibles in their generic collectible business.  When I see Kevin and Jody’s stuff, the love that went into the pieces is so apparent.

Even better, Kevin blogs about Disney, Anaheim history, Tiki and art at his blog.  He doesn’t hide the process and say “it’s a secret”; he shows, often step-by-step, works in progress.  It’s fascinating.  It’s why the Disneyland TV shows where Walt takes us behind the scenes and shows us how things work are my favorites.  But he doesn’t share every single secret – which can be a good thing.  How DOES that ship in a bottle work?  Don’t tell me!  I’d rather imagine dozens of tiny sailors meeting their doom every time someone orders a delicious Shipwreck.  I’m a bad, bad person that way.

They also designed the Soundsational parade, and an arucuan bird tells me they’re working on something for Japan.  Good.  Another reason to go there.  Jim Hill talks about it here.

Outside of Disney, Kevin and Jody are respected artists in the world of Tiki culture as well.  They had some work up for this year’s Hukilau in Florida and have done album covers, book covers, menus…you name it.  Ooga-Mooga has a nice collection of Kevin’s Tiki mugs here.

Of course, they don’t just do Tiki things; there’s the barker bird in the D23 Auction (#26 from the top) that my husband is dying to own, and the Contemporary Resort Mural vase, based on Mary Blair’s work (my favorite Disney artist from the past).  In fact, they have a whole gallery of Disney projects, which is updated pretty quickly as they create new things.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.


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  1. I completely agree. They come across as having a love for what I love and that is evident in the stuff they produce.

    My son & I met them at Hukilau this year (they were the featured artists) and they were terrific guys…really, really fun, gracious and great to talk to even to us, the very last people in a verrrrrrrrrrry long line of folks at the end of a long day. I’m glad they finally got to do WDW merchandise, too.

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