(Media) Circus Day

Denise from MouseSteps.com put up a story not too long ago that’s one of my favorites.  It’s about how they trained baby ducks for Donald’s 50th birthday.  I remember reading about it when it happened…I wonder if they’d still be allowed, today, to put tiny hats on the little ducks.  Probably not.

Speaking of Donald, if you loved Mike Jittlov’s Mouse Mania,  you’ll like Going Quackers, made for Donald’s 5oth birthday as well.  It was also the first major Disney event covered by Jim Hill.

It was an interesting time for Disneyland, what with the Gift-Giver extraordinaire, which still resides under the hub, the circle of death for the Disneyland circus spectacular, and who can forget the pig races from the State Fair at Disneyland?  Sometimes, it seems like Disneyland’s been celebrating birthdays, theirs, and sometimes guests, from 45 to 55 with no break in between.  Then again, I spent five years completely ignoring all things Disney, back home in Hawaii.

Doesn’t I figure that as soon as I leave, Disney builds a fabulous resort there?  Disney started taking reservations for Aulani the day before yesterday, August 2.  Aulani opens at the end of this month, and it’s kind of interesting and cool that they have Disney Cruise Line-style activities for different age groups.  We used to drive out there to go to church and then play in the little lagoons – there are no private beaches on Oahu, so all beaches and lagoons are open to the public.  I think the pool will put Kauai Lagoons and Grand Wailea to shame.  I worried about historical authenticity for about three seconds, then someone said “Joe Rohde” and I was fine with it.  He has encyclopedic knowledge of his projects before he ever puts pencil to paper (or finger to keyboard?)    Sometimes I’m reminded of Harper Goff.

Joe Rohde describes Aulani.

I do miss Hawaii and my friends there very much.  And the food, let’s me honest here.  If I won the lottery, I’d take the April 29 15-night cruise to Hawaii.  But the ultimate package would be: Sail to Hawaii, stop at the Big Island and Maui, spend a few nights at Aulani, then go on to Kauai and Mexico.  But we might do Florida first; Noe’s dying to try the AquaDuck.  I’m leaning toward the Fantasy because of Animator’s Palate, but we’d better start on the Dream.  We’ve never been on a cruise for more than an hour or two before, so a three-night cruise would be the best way (barring another “cruise to nowhere” from San Pedro – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) to make sure we can handle it.

Admiral Donald Duck in the Atrium of the Disney Dream Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.Photo by Gene Duncan.

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at one of Disney’s best storytellers and the tragedy of what could have been.


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