Anything Can Happen

It’s Wednesday, so I’m going to skip away from this week’s theme and take a look at what’s happening with more current events.

Remember when Disney bought the rights to the Oz books?  Annette was going to be Ozma (looked a lot like her, too) and the rest of the Mouseketeers would have rounded out the cast.  Disney finally made good with Return to Oz in the 80s, but fumbled with a frightening mishmash of The Marvelous Land of Oz, SPOILER: the story of the Ozma Tippetarius ((highlight to reveal) and Ozma of Oz.  The general public, knowledgeable only about the MGM film, rejected the offering.  It’s worth it to see the Nomes – that was all done by hand, no computer animation was used for the effects.  

With the success of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and the Fables comic books, Disney’s taking another chance with the franchise.  Turner still owns the rights to the MGM film and all of its changes to the story (ruby slippers instead of the silver shoes in the book – MGM made this change to capitalize on Technicolor), so Disney might just be, according to my favorite ex-husband Jim Hill, in for some interesting challenges with their newest version.  Jim explained that there would probably be someone there from Turner Legal, nitpicking at tiny details and saying that Disney can’t use them because they’re from the movie, not the original book.

Filming began this week in Pontiac, Michigan, not too far from KISS’ favorite high school, at Raleigh stadium, which brought several hundreds of new jobs into the heavily-unemployed area.  Add the local extras and crews and it’s a little bit of good news for the local economy.  Over 60% of the film’s workforce are locals.

Another good thing is raising money to help people who need it., a gaming site, obviously, is raising money to help a cancer patient pay for his treatments by sponsoring a game marathon:

Thanks so much to Andrea Monti for the well-wishes.  It cheered me up as I’m putting my treasure on a plane to go visit her East Coast Dad for a month.

Tomorrow: (media) circus day.








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  1. Hey kiddo – this is a big discussion amongst a lot of Ozophiles. There are many things that Disney Co. can go with that are in the original W.W.O.Z. text (as well as historical matters that are related to in the canon that exist B.D. (Before Dorothy). And, as long as they are in the text, no matter what MGM attempts to say, Disney is in full right to use. From what has been seen of the plot line, there is a lot of fabrication going on as well as history tie ins….and an apparent use of the China Doll people that were completely left out of the first film altogether.

    There are two or three serious OZ film projects due out over the next couple of three years, and, I, as well as many other Ozzies, are keeping fingers crossed they get it right….

    Great article! Best of luck with your new writings!

  2. I’ve always preferred the books to the MGM movie, as we have an original set. I’ve read them over and over since I was a child, and once they’re restored they’ll go to Alice or to her kids, if she has any.

  3. You have the full 40 in the canon?

    If so, congrats! It took me over 30 years of my life to get ’em all!

  4. >Jim explained that there would probably be someone there from Turner Legal, nitpicking at tiny details and saying that Disney can’t use them because they’re from the movie, not the original book.

    Simple solution – Disney has more than enough dough to buy the rights to MGM’s version. They could even go as far as to buy the entire MGM film library if they wanted to.

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